Baby’s First Christmas Ideas

Just like your baby’s first [insert occasion here], you want to make the most for their first Christmas. To help make the holidays memorable, the staff at Southeast Women’s Center has compiled a list of 12 tips, advice, and ideas to cherish your baby’s first.
Baby First Christmas Ideas

Visit with Santa

Your baby won’t know who the big guy is yet, but you sure do. A visit with Santa is something you’ll remember, and makes a great photo op, which brings us to our next point…

Great Photo Opportunities

A visit with Santa, a staged scene under the tree wrapped in tinsel, stuffed in a big stocking with a Santa hat – creative photo ideas are way too easy this time of year! Take advantage of the fact that no matter what you decide to do, with a cute little baby, no idea is too cheesy or silly. Tis’ the season of ugly sweaters and silly looking hats!

Go All Out on Holiday Cards

Admit it-you love showing off your bundle of joy just as much as others like seeing him or her. The holiday season is a perfect time of year for great photo opportunities (see tip above), so why not take advantage of it and go jingles bells-to-the-wall with your holiday card? Holiday cards are the perfect excuse to show off your baby’s adorableness.

Integrate Family Traditions

Family traditions are all part of the holiday season. We all probably had them growing up. Although baby may not be able to help with certain things, or even remember being a part of family rituals, their first Christmas is the best time to start. If nothing else, it is another good photo op.

Start New Family Traditions

We all have traditions that have been passed down from generations, but now is the time to also start your own. “Do it Yourself,” or, “DIY” are great crafty fun that could lead to a start of a tradition. See the next two tips below.

Stocking for Baby

DIY for baby’s first stocking and have theirs stand out on the mantel around all the others. Or, start a tradition and design/decorate your individual stockings from year-to-year!

Keepsake Ornament

Whether you purchase one at the store or are extra creative and want another DIY project, keepsake ornaments are a staple of Christmas time, as they are memories that get pulled out every season. If it’s not a tradition already, start one by getting/making a personalized ornament year after year.

Help Baby Experience the Holidays Through Senses

Baby senses are on overdrive. That’s how they process the world. Let him or her experience all that is Christmas with letting their senses go wild! Touch and smell a clipping from a real tree. Excite their sight with all the colors and sparkle decorations. Jingle bells and listen to holiday music. Taste special holiday foods, if he or she is old enough to do so. Let them experience the magic of Christmas. (makes great photo ops!)

Splurge on Christmas PJs

Yeah, your baby can only wear Christmas PJs for a month, but doesn’t the cuteness just pay for itself? Christmas PJs make yet another great photo op and if they are too cute to part ways with after the holiday, you can always save them for baby #2. Just saying.

Visit Around Town

Family QT is a must during the holidays. Spend the day, or weekend, , exploring your own neighborhood. Bundle up baby and take a stroll. Check out your neighbor’s decor or downtown shop displays. It’s always a good idea to take time to step away from the holiday hustle and enjoy the view. It’s also great for baby, as it’s another way to get senses flowing and-you guessed it-photo opportunities!

Don’t Stress Yourself (or Baby!)

The last thing you want is cranky baby during the holidays, so make sure there is plenty of downtime for naps and playtime. If you are travelling to visit relatives this holiday season, don’t go overboard and pack all of baby’s changing table. Pack enough diapers to last you one change/hour + wipes. Everything else can be bought at your destination, and laundry can be done where you’re staying. Happy Holidays start with a happy baby.

Make a Christmas Time Capsule

When the holiday is all said and done, cherish it by buying or making a DIY keepsake box and fill it with things like baby’s first Christmas cards, wrapping paper they tore, all the photos, etc. It makes a great treasure to find in the years to come!

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