Gynecology Visit: What To Expect

When scheduling an appointment for an annual Gynecology exam, many women are unsure about what to expect. Southeast Women’s Center shares some basic information on the services a Gynecologist provides.

Annual Gynecology Exam

gynecologyCome with Questions
During an annual exam, women should visit their GYN practice with a list of questions that they would like answered. If there are any concerns related to sexual functioning, pain, incontinence, fertility or other such issues, this is the time to address them. A reputable Gynecologist will take the time to answer these questions thoroughly, but they may not be able to treat you at the same visit – it depends on the complexity of the condition.

Expect a Pap Smear
In addition to a question and answer period, a woman should expect to undergo a Pap smear. This is a test conducted to check for Cervical Cancer and other such concerns. Women should plan on having a Pap smear on an annual basis. The Pap smear consists of a simple swab of the cervix and vaginal area. The swab is then used to look for any abnormal cellular growth that could be an indication of pre-cancerous growths. The procedure is painless, and it is usually complete in a matter of minutes.

Pelvic and Breast Examinations
Alongside a Pap smear, you should expect a pelvic examination and clinical breast examination depending on age. Provided is a link to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommendations on the Well-Woman Visit (annual exam).

Good Time for STD Testing
In addition to conducting a Pap smear, pelvic examination and breast examination, annual Gynecology visits is a good time to test for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), should there be any concerns with current or previous partners. Most tests require a simple blood draw, but some can be conducted with a test similar to a Pap smear or even a urinalysis. A doctor should offer all of these tests on an annual basis, and tests should especially be offered to any women who are sexually active.

Discuss Birth Control Options
Finally, an annual Gynecology visit is the perfect time to discuss birth control options. In today’s society, a woman has many choices when it comes to birth control. There are pills that can be taken daily, patches that can be replaced weekly, rings that can be inserted monthly and shots that last for several months.

In addition, women can choose more permanent options such as IUDs, Essure or having their tubes tied if a woman’s situation warrants longer lasting birth control protection. The right choice for any given women is based on many things, including her desire to have children in the future and her current state of health. Having an open, honest discussion with a Gynecologist is the best way to determine the best birth control option.

Establishing a Relationship
Establishing a relationship with a reputable Gynecology practice, such as Southeast Women’s Center, is important for many reasons. Women should make a point of visiting their chosen practice on an annual basis for important testing and consultations about health concerns, reproduction and overall health and wellness.

All women need to establish a relationship with a reputable Gynecologist. This is important not only during child bearing years, but throughout a woman’s lifespan.

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